Garage Door Lubricant in Lincoln

After a long day at work, the last thing you want to deal with is a broken garage door. If your Lincoln garage door appears to be moving unevenly or sticking causing loud noises, perhaps some garage door lubrication is all it needs to make it run properly again.

Rather than trying to mess with the sticky garage door lubricant, call American Certified Services. Thorough cleaning is required before you lubricate garage door which can be very dangerous. To avoid build-up from extra lubricant, thoroughly clean out your garage door tracks and other parts. The professional technicians at American Certified Services in Lincoln are available 7 days a week. Don’t put yourself in danger, have the professionals at American Certified in Lincoln come and lubricate your garage door.

Maintaining your garage door

If you are finding that your Lincoln garage door is making obnoxious squeals and is noisy, perhaps you need to lubricate your garage door. Garage door lubrication is essential in maintaining a healthy garage door. At American Certified Services in Lincoln, our professional technicians know how to properly apply garage door lubricant so you no longer have to listen to your noisy garage door.

Lubricate garage door every few months to keep it healthy and operating properly. Not only do you need to apply lubricant to your garage door, but you also need to apply it to garage door springs, garage door rollers, garage door hinges, and garage door locks. By applying garage door lubricant spray, your garage door will run smoothly and quietly. The best garage door lubricant is NOT WD-40. The best garage door lubricant is a silicone garage door lubricant spray.

Choosing the right garage door lubricant

When it comes time to lubricate your Lincoln garage door, DO NOT use WD-40. This causes your garage door to rust. Garage door lubricant has protective chemicals that contain rust-destroying and degreasing properties that help garage doors metal parts move better.

Rather than choosing WD-40 for your garage door, go with a silicone spray or white lithium grease to lubricate moving parts on your garage door.

Contact American Certified Services in Lincoln today to have a technician out to lubricate your garage door! With 7 days a week service, American Certified Services is your garage door repair and replacement specialist.