Garage Door Transmitter

Garage Door Transmitter in Lincoln

On frigid days or in the heat of the summer, you rely on your garage door transmitter to properly work allowing you to not have to get out of your warm or cool car. When your Lincoln home’s garage door transmitter isn’t working, that defeats the purpose of having it and can be very frustrating. Contact American Certified Services, Inc. in Lincoln today. We can have our technicians out to your home today to repair, replace, or reconnect your garage door opener and get you back up and running in no time.

Problems in the Way of Your Transmitter

If you think your garage door transmitter is broken, try these few troubleshooting options prior to going out and purchasing a whole new system. The most common reason for your garage door opener to not be working properly is that you are out of range of your garage door. Each transmitter is different and each has its own specific range it will function at. If you are trying to open your garage door halfway down the street, you are probably too far out of reach. Try waiting until you are pulling up to your driveway to open it.

If you know you are in range of your garage door and it still is not opening, check the antenna hanging down from the motor inside your garage. Make sure nothing is blocking it as this is what your car transmitter is trying to connect with. If it appears that your antenna is damaged, give American Certified Services a call to come out and replace it with a new antenna.

Another problem that has become more and more popular is that a universal garage door transmitter is picking up a neighbor’s garage door opening system. Universal garage door transmitters are becoming more and more common and they can pick up any receiver nearest you opening their garage door rather than opening your own garage. Another thing you can do is check the frequency of your transmitter. Perhaps you and your neighbor are running on the same frequency so when they drive by and opening theirs, it’s also opening yours. If your garage door transmitter system seems to be going haywire and always opening and closing without you doing so, it would be best to get a completely new system installed.

Repairing or reinstalling your garage door transmitter can be a very frustrating problem. You might not know the initial problem and it might take some troubleshooting to figure it out. If you call American Certified Services, we can help you! Schedule a same day appointment with us to have your broken garage transmitter fixed! We will make the process as painless as we can for you.

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